Professor  Dr. Md. Iqbal Hossain

CV.Dr.Iqbal Hossain


Dr. Md. Iqbal Hossain is Youth motivator, Interfaith speaker, moderator  and an Islamic scholar in Dawah & communication, Muslim History in sub-continent, Journalism, History of Muslim Journalism in Bengal & in the Muslim world, Human Rights specially women rights in Islam and in Comparative theology fields. He has published seven books on journalism, Interfaith, environment, Islamic Dawah & communication history in Bengal and over forty articles in national & international academic journals. He is a legend columnist in national daily on contemporary issues.  He had presented over twenty research papers in professional conferences inside the country and abroad such as the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Italy, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri lanka, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qater and United States. He has presided over many prestigious sessions of several conferences & seminars.

Mr. Hossain has great experience on journal history specially in spiritual leader`s contribution on journalism in Bengal (Bangladesh & India), he delivered several lectures on said topic in Asia & Europe. Particularly he has developed 15 research articles & papers on Journalism. He is working in the field of coexistence and interfaith since 2003. His spell of running to improve peace and coexistence among the religions nock and corner of the country. His famous book on interfaith “Interfaith in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah”  He is specialized in training through workshop, seminars and formal classes. He arranged a huge number of workshops on Women rights and justice under the frame work of Islam across the country funded by US state department through Asia Foundation, guided successful training on temporary curriculum management and communicative teaching methodology, worked on comparative religion special reference on religion in south-east Asia. He completed two weeks pedagogy training on “Ethics on pedagogy in HPG” from Birkback College, University of London. He worked with world renowned professors in university of London & British academy on religious globalization, new religious movement and successfully completed two projects under the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh.

Mr. Hossain earned BTIS & MTIS from Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh and obtained first class first position in both merit lists with UGC award. He completed Masters of philosophy in 2001 & received Ph. D in 2004 from the same university. He received his post-doctoral on `Faith and Contemporary Culture’ from University of London, obtained PGC in Human Rights from University of East London, United Kingdom. He also received Health and Social Care certificate in level 2 &3 from EDEXEL. He efficiently completed his PGC dissertation title ” Islamic Law and International Human Rights Law on Rights for People with Disabilities” under the supervision of renowned terrorism analyst of BBC John Strowen, Professor of Law, University of East London.

Dr. Hossain has been teaching at the Islamic University since 1999, where he is now professor of Dawah & Islamic Studies department. His primary responsibilities are history of comparative religion, History and contribution of Ulema Journalism, Islamic Human Rights & the history of Present Islamic world and Interfaith harmony among the religions. Actually he enjoys teaching and prepares the students of Hon`s and Masters level to face the challenges of globalization. He has guided and supervised remarkable number of fellows in M. Phil & Ph. D degrees. He has served as an outside examiner for Doctoral theses from Pakistan and India. He worked as part-time lecturer at South Bank College, East London in UK, as care assessor in Borough of Tower Hamlets and Administrative office in Kushiara Group, UK. He already received many awards and recognitions for his outstanding teaching and research performances.

Dr. Hossain has been involved with many civic and cultural organizations. He is a member of Academic Council, Islamic University. He is working as Chairman, Nazrul Academy, Islamic University; Chairman, Protiti School Management Committee, Kushtia (one of the leading schools in kushtia); Secretary, Islamic University teachers Association and ex-vice president of Islamic University Journalist Association. He is a member of Bangla Academy, Asiatic Society and West Bangle Ittihas Sangsad, India. He is working as Rovers’ Scouts’ leader in Islamic University, member of Rotary Club of Kushtia central, working as fellow in the team of Rotary International. He is a frequent traveler, research lover, cultural wisher and amiable humanitarian.